Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, an appointment has to be made. As we get very busy we would advise you call us about 1-2 weeks before your trim is required, or book at the end of your trim for next time.

How long does it take to groom my dog?

Approximately 1 hour, but it can be longer if the coat is very long or matted.

Will my dog by muzzled?

We very rarely muzzle a dog but if your dog shows any sign of aggression we will. This is for your dog’s protection and our own.

Can I stay in the room with my dog?

Generally the answer is no. We have found that dogs get distracted if the owner is present but if you have travelled some distance we will happily make you a cup of tea whilst you wait.

Will my dog be with other dogs?

No. We book trims one at a time so your dog will be the only one with us. We prefer to trim this way so we can concentrate on your dog and it prevents your dog from becoming stressed.

What does the groom include?

All grooms include brushing, trimming (either stripping or clipping), bathing if required or requested, ear check, eye check, nail clipping, anal glands if requested.

Do you just bath dogs?

Yes. We find some of our clients, either older dogs or dogs living on farms, like to have their dogs bathed regularly. We charge £5 for this service.

My dog sometimes picks up fleas and ticks. Is this a problem?

No, but if you suspect your dog has fleas or ticks please tell us. On finding fleas we will bath your dog in insecticidal shampoo and remove ticks. If we are concerned about the flea or tick load on your dog, we will advise you to visit your vet for treatment.

Can you collect my dog?

Generally the answer is No. However, we do have a couple of very elderly clients who we assist with collection and delivery. If you live locally and do not have transport please ask. We make a small charge for this service to cover our petrol costs.